Wastefront is developing a waste tyre recovery project in Sunderland, UK to produce low carbon maritime and road transportation fuels and recovered carbon black (RCB). The project is being developed to live up to our sustainability mission, and we are proving that circular economy is good for both the environment and our economy. In its final configuration the plant will treat 60,000 tonnes per year of end-of-life car and truck tyre material.
Every year it will avoid the pollution of landfilling of these tyres and eliminate the emission of 120,000 tons of CO2. It will generate its own sustainable power, further contributing to the reduction in emissions. At the same time, it will produce useful low carbon fuels for maritime and road transportation, as well as recovered carbon black to be recycled into the tyre manufacturing process. The project is based on a Wastefront proprietary configuration developed with its partners. An ambitious ongoing technology development program will ensure that the plant continue to benefit from the latest available technology improvements.
Sunderland Site Location
The project will be developed in close collaboration with the Port of Sunderland, local community, environmental agencies and other stakeholders to ensure positive local and global contribution. The project will generate substantial investment and jobs, and will make use of the port facilities for export of products.