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Wastefront is a rubber waste recycling company on a mission to stop unsustainable handling of end-of-life-tyres, an underreported but major cause of pollution.

Founded in Oslo in 2019, Wastefront is a rubber waste recycling company which converts disused tyres into useful commodities, including liquid hydrocarbons and carbon black, which can then be reutilised in processes such as alternative fuel manufacturing or ground rubber production.

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Our revolutionary proprietary processes enable us to maximise the output of useful commodities from waste tyres, ensuring that we only release the smallest possible volume of by-products.

Our uniquely refined distillation process also ensures that any toxic gas produced from the pyrolysis process is ‘scrubbed’ to remove the sulfur, which is then turned into salts. This helps enormously when producing sulfur-free diesel, an important fuel that substantially lowers the harmful emissions from traditional diesel combustion.

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Waste tyres

Pyrolysis and Chemical Catalysis

Residual Fuel Oil and Carbon Black

New products

"For many years, end-of-life tyres have represented a problem for which there have been no long-term solutions available that combine innovation with economic viability"

— Maria Moræus Hanssen, Chairperson

We thrive when coming up with innovative ideas but also understand that a smart concept should be supported with measurable results.

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