Sunderland signs deal for waste tyre recycling plant

Norwegian waste tyre recycler Wastefront and Sunderland City Council have signed a deal to build the company’s first UK plant in the Port of Sunderland (pictured).

The plant will convert locally sourced end-of-life tyres into commodities including liquid hydrocarbons and carbon black, which can be used in processes such as alternative fuel and ground rubber manufacture.

Construction is set to begin in 2021, with the plant in operation by the second half of 2022, creating some 30 permanent jobs.

It will have the capacity to process 180 tonnes a day of tyre waste into 60 tonnes of carbon black and 90 tonnes of liquid hydrocarbons.

Heat generated will be used to heat local homes and industrial premises.

Wastefront said the plant would be the first to combine conventional methods with its proprietary technology to minimise the environmental impacts typically associated with traditional tyre pyrolysis. 

It said a gas purification system would remove pollutants, organic compounds and harmful solid particles without releasing unwanted by-products into the environment.

Director and co-founder Christian Hvamstad said: “Our first plant in Sunderland will represent a valuable contribution to a cleaner future by dealing with a specific waste problem, where end-of-life tyres no longer end up in landfills in overseas countries, but instead are converted into useful commodities that can be used within the region.”

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