Wastefront enters exclusive project delivery partnership with sustainable energy expert Devaltec LLC

HOUSTON / OSLO – 25th November 2020

Wastefront AS is today announcing an exclusive long-term project delivery partnership with Devaltec LLC, a project developer and solutions provider in new and sustainable energies.

Devaltec, which was first introduced to Wastefront by Vitol in 2019, will now act as the primary strategic partner to Wastefront and will co-lead the development of all upcoming projects for the next 5 years. Devaltec is contracted to successfully deliver production from multiple plants of minimum 1000 MTD, commencing with Wastefront’s first waste tyre recycling plant in Sunderland, due for completion in 2023.

Led by its CEO Vianney Valès – a former top executive in Oil & Gas in Shell and Galp Energia – Devaltec’s team equips Wastefront with a wealth of experience in bringing innovative projects and technologies to commercial success. Devaltec’s rigorous approach to project management ensures a systematic mitigation of risks while maximising profitability. 

The announcement follows the recent news that Wastefront had secured a 10-year offtake agreement with Vitol for the production of liquid hydrocarbons and certain non-liquid products due to be produced at the Sunderland plant and future plant sites.

Inge Berge, CEO and Co-Founder of Wastefront, comments:

“Wastefront’s ambition is to become the world leader on tyre recycling, building a profitable growth company while at the same time solving a global environmental problem. In order to achieve this, we will partner with the very best in the industry. We believe Devaltec’s industrial background and project experience will play a key part in realising Wastefront’s potential, so I’m excited to be able to announce this strategic partnership.”

Vianney Valès, CEO of Devaltec, comments:

“Wastefront has built solid foundations to be an international leader in the recycling of wastes into valuable products. Devaltec is looking forward to this exclusive project delivery partnership. It brings together two companies with complementary skills, able to capture significant value in sustainable energy and waste recycling.”

Wastefront’s plants will be the first to combine conventional technologies with the company’s own proprietary process, which will minimise the environmental impact typically associated with traditional tyre pyrolysis. The company’s pyrolytic reactors comply with all local environmental regulations and the technology meets with the emissions levels and specifications established by the European standards. The gas purification system removes pollutants, organic compounds and harmful solid particles without releasing unwanted by-products into the environment.

The estimated 29 million metric tonnes of vehicle tyres which reach the end of their lifespan each year represent an underreported but major cause of pollution due to their non-biodegradability. By converting tyre waste into usable commodities, Wastefront offsets carbon emissions, with the alternative to recycled commodities being crude oil.


About Devaltec

Devaltec is an international project development, consultancy, and due diligence company in the area of sustainable energies. It was founded in Houston in 2017 by its CEO Vianney Valès. Devaltec helps companies and their investors monetise their involvement in sustainable energies. It does business in areas such as waste recycling, advanced biofuels, renewable power, blue hydrogen, renewable natural gas, bio refineries and optimization of oil refineries. (www.devaltec.co

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